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I put money on my card may28,2016 yesterday and when i check my balance there was no money on my card.why they keep taking money off my if they keep taking off my card i will stop putting money on my card.ihad put 21.20 on my card yesterdayand i took out 6.00 dollars my card where is the rest of my money.everytime i put money on card they take it out. Add comment

My card was damaged and I called for a replacement card on 4/28/16, as of 5/24/16 I have yet to recieve a card. I was told that the call was disconnected and the card wasn't ordered, but the call was not disconnected and I finished conversation with customer service. I was then told that If I pay 29.99 a card will be rushed to me in 4 days. In the meantime I have no assess at all to my funds. What a crock of ***. Read more

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Can't log in something about a invalid Paremeter Add comment

I just recieved an Achieve Cardin the mail. Unsolicited. I have read enough commemts anout it. I am so glad that I did beforevi did anything with it. Ivwillbe feeding it toy schredder. Add comment

On 4/ 29/16 an atm failed to distribute my funds of $300.00 an it was deducted from my account. I went into bank an complained they told me to duspute it with my achieve card. I did. Achieve told me 10 day now they say 45 days. Why do I need to wait so long went the bank is waiting on them to request my funds. Not good! This has never happened before while I have been a comsumer of theres for sveral years. My bills are late an fees are mounting.... Read more

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10 dollars magically dissappeared off of my card and noone knows nothing about it Add comment

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The IRS send my tax refund to my account and i called today at 06:43 p.m. and i gave my account number to verify if my refund was there and they told me i didn't have anything there the IRS send me my refund on March 30th and i want my money.... Add comment

Tried calling customer service for balance and got nowhere. Kept forcing cable, adt, etc on me and never got balance. Add comment

They took my check after card was cancelled. Add comment

Had a charge dispute while traveling to KC., won the dispute but they canceled card, leaving me stranded in KC with no access to funds. Sent a new card to hotel I was staying at but could not activate card without sending them documents wich at the time I had no access to. fkn idiots! needless to say i have been getting jerked around by their idiots in Mumbai for the past 45 days to get my funds returned to me (recording every frustrating... Read more

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