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Had a charge dispute while traveling to KC., won the dispute but they canceled card, leaving me stranded in KC with no access to funds. Sent a new card to hotel I was staying at but could not activate card without sending them documents wich at the time I had no access to. fkn idiots! needless to say i have been getting jerked around by their idiots in Mumbai for the past 45 days to get my funds returned to me (recording every frustrating conversation by the way). A total scam!! However I am going to persue everything I can to expose these... Read more

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I keep getting text mesgs for someone elses card. Its been going on for months. You would think the actual owner of the card would wonder why they have not received the mesgs. Iv called the company and they say its nothing they can do. I keep unsubscribing yet get a text the following day. What a *** company. Add comment

I forgot my user id and password Add comment

This cimpany is operated from some ones home. Your information is not secure! They have no respect or compassion for their customer's. They process electronic refunds when they feel like it ..and the acution is a ploy to get customers Add comment

Balance was stolen off of card. Add comment

I did not order theses two products and would like you to please not let these charges go through that are in pending at this time. Their is two company names : 1) Glory in New york, the amout of $79.95. 2) Keller Glamour Garcinia NewYork, NY. In the amojnt of $79.95. I have no idwa whatthese charges are for and never received any product from these companies. Please return these charges to my credit card as I have never purchased anything from these people!!! My name is Marla Tafolla and my last four digits of my credit card are #8485.... Read more

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This the worst prepaid card I had my card was block for 5 days than unblocked for 3 days than terminate my account without any notices!! When you go to dining in restaurants in use your card they take additional $7 for tip even when you use cash for tip. When you call in ask for Supervisor its the same Chinese spoken man thats not helpful at all. This company isnt BBB certify ANYWAYS have a C rating yall take yall money in run a real scam artist that dont take our livihood into consideration i have my account close over $1500 in my direct... Read more

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On 4/12/2016 my card, which had a zero balance, was used in a state 13 hours away at a Walmart for $119. I immediately called to file a dispute. I was instructed to fill out a form they emailed to me, and spent over an hour on the phone with a customer service rep answering tons of questions. On the 22nd I called to find out what was going on because they transferred the negative balance to a new card. I was informed that I had authorized the charge despite the fact I've never set foot in Arkansas, where the card was used. I was told this was... Read more

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This company is horrible, and if you have any fraud occur, they will not help you do anything. If YOUR money is fraudulently moved to the card, if you don't own the card, they won't help you get your money back, or even take a report of the fraudulent activity! Therefore, it's not only the customer service, but their product as a whole.  Please do not use this company until they are able to address issues of this nature, or if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, you will receive no help.  They also make you type 100... Read more

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My name is Latissa Davis I recieved this achieve card out the mail loaded 50.00 dollars on to the card guess what?the company took 10.00 off the card even though I had to pay 3.95 cent to load the card.I was told the 10.00 dollars is for monthly maintence fee.But what they don't tell you is that you have a option to pay as you go for 75cent every time you make a purchase,Achieve card is a rip off a class action lawsuit needs to be filled on behalf of the consumers who purchased this prepaid card: Read more

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